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Image of woman using laptop for online learning. Found out what online learning trends you'll see more of in 2021.

2021 Trends in Online Learning

by Simple Learning System | January 11, 2021

2021 Trends in Online Learning

2021 Trends in Online Learning

by Simple Learning System | January 11, 2021

Online training is experiencing explosive growth. Not only are schools turning to more online learning solutions amid a global pandemic, but corporations and organizations are also seeking more efficient and effective ways to train employees, volunteers, and administrators on the job.

Online learning isn’t slowing down. Here are the trends shaping the way learning management systems deliver online learning experiences in 2021 and beyond.

Personalized Learning Experiences

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the global e-learning market was already seeing enormous annual global growth, anticipated to reach $336.98 billion by 2026. 

One-size-fits-all learning won’t meet the increasing demands of online learning in a post-pandemic world, which is why personalized learning experiences are a top trend for 2021.

Audience-based learning functionality allows learning management systems to provide more engaging experiences for learners.

Self-Directed Learning

Not all learners thrive at the same pace, so self-directed learning is crucial to keeping learners engaged and motivated. Allowing learners to move through courses at their own speed, providing interactive components, and integrated quizzes are a few of the ways online learning can be self-directed by its end users. 

Learning management systems are becoming learning experience platforms that encourage learners to self-direct through interactive learning modules in a way that works for all learners, leaving no one behind.

Mobile Learning

Mobile devices generate 50% of global website traffic. Learners are accustomed to using their smartphones to access websites, social media sites, shop online, and play games. So why shouldn’t their online learning be accessible via smartphone, too?

Even though the pandemic led to an increase in PC sales, this surge of interest in desktop and laptop computers isn’t coming at the expense of smartphones and mobile devices. The best learning management systems will allow learners to interact with courseware and content on every size screen.

Learning Analytics

Data has been called “the new gold rush” for businesses. Data drives decisions and can help organizations improve the utilization, completion, and compliance of online learning. In 2021 and beyond, the best learning management systems will provide analytics and data to system administrators. 

At Simple Learning Systems, our role-based LMS allows for multiple user-roles, including various administrator segments. This ensures organizations can designate specific admins responsible for analytics and data tracking while protecting learners' privacy through our role-based access segmentation.

Video-Based Learning

Why are close to 2 billion users logging onto YouTube every month to watch videos? Because video content continues to be the preferred method for getting information. Online learning programs that include video players and video course content will continue to grow in popularity for 2021 and beyond.


Micro-learning makes it easy for employees to quickly and easily get the information, training, and certification needed to do their jobs. 

One example of a successful micro-learning system comes from Mandated Reporter Training, a Simple Learning System product designed to help businesses and organizations train employees to identify and report suspected cases of child abuse. 

Stand-alone courses on mandated reporter training can quickly and efficiently provide the training employees need to save lives and ensure compliance with local and federal laws requiring training under the Child Abuse and Protection Act (CAPTA).

Mixed Modality Learning

Not all learning happens online. Despite stay-at-home orders and social distancing as the new norm, sometimes an organization requires in-person training, too. The best learning management systems will provide for mixed modality training, making it as easy to run, track, and report on in-person training as it is for online.

Online learning has been rapidly embraced across education, corporate, and public sectors, with the global pandemic fueling what was already a booming market. Regardless of what happens with the pandemic, online learning is here to stay, and these trends will continue to shape the experience of online learning this year and beyond.

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