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A man uses a virtual reality headset in an office environment. Learn more about this and other LMS trends.
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5 of 2021's Biggest Learning Management Trends

Gone are the days when employee development took the form of dry, unmotivating coursework. New advancements in how learning management programs are implemented allow companies to embrace increasingly sophisticated methods of training. This lets businesses develop new and more effective ways to keep their employees engaged and at the top of their game. Discover 5 learning management trends that could make your employee training more effective in 2021. 5 Learning Management Trends You Need to Know About #1: Augmented and Virtual Reality Augmented and virtual reality have gone from the stuff of SciFi to a daily reality for many businesses. These technologies allow you to train your employees on how to navigate challenges before they ever interact with a customer. Augmented reality (AR) works by adding virtual details to the real world to enrich your experience. Virtual reality (VR) goes even further, creating a completely virtual environment. These technologies have exciting potential applications to aid in employee training. For example, augmented reality is great for providing point-of-work content. For example, new team members could use AR to scan a specific product that they have questions ...
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A woman wearing headphones taking training on her computer. Learn more about employee development in 2021.
Online Learning

4 Ways to Build a Successful Employee Development Plan in 2021

As organizations were forced to adapt to the changing landscape of 2020, many turned to digital and online tools to keep moving forward. Because of this, it's no wonder that the field of online training has seen explosive growth in the past year. Now, successful companies across the United States are making employee learning and development a priority in 2021 to help build stronger, healthier companies. 4 Ways Successful Organizations are Tackling Learning and Development in 2021 #1: Make Employee Development a Priority The LinkedIn 2021 Workplace Learning Report surveyed global learning and development (L&D) professionals to paint a better picture of how their organizations are handling employee development in 2021.  64% of professionals surveyed agree that learning and development is no longer "nice to have", it's a need to have. This emphasis on the importance of L&D is reflected in how companies are budgeting -- 33% of L&D professionals expect their budget to increase, up from just 22% in June of 2020 and 27% in 2017. Organizations will need to prioritize their employee development programs to stay current and competitive in 2021 and beyond. #2: ...
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Image of woman using laptop for online learning. Found out what online learning trends you'll see more of in 2021.
Online Learning

2021 Trends in Online Learning

Online training is experiencing explosive growth. Not only are schools turning to more online learning solutions amid a global pandemic, but corporations and organizations are also seeking more efficient and effective ways to train employees, volunteers, and administrators on the job. Online learning isn't slowing down. Here are the trends shaping the way learning management systems deliver online learning experiences in 2021 and beyond. Personalized Learning Experiences Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the global e-learning market was already seeing enormous annual global growth, anticipated to reach $336.98 billion by 2026.  One-size-fits-all learning won't meet the increasing demands of online learning in a post-pandemic world, which is why personalized learning experiences are a top trend for 2021. Audience-based learning functionality allows learning management systems to provide more engaging experiences for learners. Self-Directed Learning Not all learners thrive at the same pace, so self-directed learning is crucial to keeping learners engaged and motivated. Allowing learners to move through courses at their own speed, providing interactive components, and integrated quizzes are a few of the ways online learning can be self-directed by its end users.  Learning management systems are becoming ...
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