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Funding Your Mandated Reporter Training LMS With CAPTA Grants

Is your organization required to provide Mandated Reporter training? Depending on your industry and state, you might be obligated to do so. Federal law requires states to designate certain individuals as Mandated Reporters of child abuse, individuals who are required to report suspected abuse and neglect. Entities such as government organizations, schools, businesses, etc. may be required by law to provide training to these reporters. However, providing the appropriate Mandated Reporter training can be challenging. Fortunately, there are resources and funding available to make this process a bit smoother for you. Learn how CAPTA grant funding can help you provide Mandated Reporter training to your organization. CAPTA May Offer Funding For Your Mandated Reporter Training The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) provides federal funding and guidance to states in order to support the prevention, investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse. Additionally, CAPTA provides grants to public agencies and nonprofit organizations. According to CAPTA, one way in which states may use grant funding is by awarding it to public or private organizations for the training of Mandated Reporters. In addition to training programs, ...
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