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A woman viewing Simple’s mandated reporter training courseware on her computer.

Customizing Your Courses with Simple LMS

Incorporating a learning management system (LMS) into your organization can make training simple. An LMS allows you to implement the training you need to meet compliance needs, like harassment and mandated reporter training. It also can help reduce training costs compared to physical, in-person training. Out of the box, the courseware in your Simple LMS will provide a strong foundation for training topics like mandated reporter training. It can also be tailored by profession for supervisors, medical professionals, child care providers, etc. However, your organization may want to customize your courseware to meet unique needs or local regulations. One of the benefits of Simple's LMS is its versatility. Discover some unique ways to customize your learning management system to maximize its effectiveness for your organization. Why You May Want to Customize Your Simple LMS Courseware Your courseware can be used out of the box effectively. However, because your organization's structure and processes are unique, customizing your courseware makes it more relevant for your team. There are a lot of reasons why an organization might want to customize its LMS courseware. For example: To meet ...
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Simple LMS is highly versatile and can be implemented to deploy training for organizations in several different industries, including government, corporate, medical, non-profit, education, and more.

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