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5 Ways to Roll Out E-Training at Your Business or Organization

Making online learning a part of your employee development plan is a smart move for many organizations. E-training is a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person training and gives your team members more flexibility with their learning. The best way to maximize your return on investment for your new LMS is to make sure you’ve got a solid roll-out plan so that your leaders and team members are prepared. Here are 5 steps to consider when unveiling your new e-training plan. 5 Methods for a Successful E-Training Roll Out #1: Know What Your Needs Are Start by identifying what training needs your organization has that could be met with online learning. This will inform what courses you should prioritize and which team members need to take them. For example, typical courses include:  Harassment Training Workplace Safety Diversity Training Information Security Training Mandated Reporter Training Position-Specific Training Process Training #2: Select Appropriate Courses for Online Learning It’s important to know which modality is most effective for the courses you’re considering. Some material is most efficiently delivered through online learning, but for some, you might consider a hybrid approach. For example, courses like mandated reporter training ...
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