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How to Track Employee Training Progress in 3 Steps

by Simple Learning System | January 3, 2023

How to Track Employee Training Progress in 3 Steps

How to Track Employee Training Progress in 3 Steps

by Simple Learning System | January 3, 2023

64% of professionals agree that learning and development are no longer “nice to have," they’re a necessity. If over half of your team members and colleagues are looking for training and growth opportunities to keep their skills sharp, how can you ensure that you’re effectively providing that development?

Whether you’re looking to provide upskilling and reskilling opportunities, leadership and management training, or virtual onboarding, tracking the success of your training can help you ensure you’re getting good ROI for your investment.

Here are 3 things to consider to track employee training progress effectively.

How to Track Employee Training Efficiently & Effectively

Select the Right Tools to Track Employee Training Progress

You can make the task of tracking your employee training progress much smoother and more efficient by selecting the right tools for the job. When considering the best way to track your training’s effectiveness, you have a few different options depending on your organization’s needs: 

  • Using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel – this is a low-budget way to keep track of which training opportunities your team members have completed. However, this method can be more time-consuming and unwieldy, particularly for large teams.
  • A Project Management Tool – Project management software like Asana or Monday can also help track employee training projects by allowing you to assign, track, and communicate regarding training deadlines. 
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) – An LMS delivers learning content to your team and can help you track their progress. An LMS is an efficient way to implement and manage courseware, making this a popular option for employee training. For example, the Simple LMS offers reporting and analytics features to track how learners interact with course materials and displays these metrics in a straightforward dashboard. 

Track Metrics Like Training Completions, Registrations, and Assessment Scores

Focus your measurement on key metrics that will give you an idea of how many team members are completing the training and what pain points employees may have with their training. Consider metrics like: 

  • Course registrations or starts
  • Course completions or certificates issued
  • Drop-offs, or how many people never finish a particular course
  • Overall time spent on a training course
  • Time spent on a particular module
  • Average assessment or test scores

Tracking metrics beyond simply how many learners are issued certificates is a great way to understand how you could refine your training to be more effective.

For example, if a particular employee takes a long time to finish a course, they may need additional support. If many of your team members are struggling with a certain course, there may be a bug or an issue with the course’s difficulty. Likewise, evaluating assessment scores can help you evaluate your team’s understanding of a particular subject and can inform where you may benefit from expanding on the training material.

Ask for Feedback on Training from Team Members & Managers

Finally, collecting feedback directly from your team members and managers can be a powerful tool in evaluating the success of your employee training program. Sending out anonymous post-course surveys can be an effective way to collect this information.

Consider asking questions such as: 

Did you learn what you expected to in this training? 

  • How would you change this training for future learners?
  • Are there any additional topics you would like to see included in this course?
  • Are there any resources that you think would help reinforce this training?

Combining the “soft” data from these surveys (data about opinions & feelings) with the quantitative data from the key metrics you’re tracking can give you a broader idea of the success of your employee training and how it could be refined.

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