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Training A Remote Workforce: Do You Need An LMS?

by Simple Learning System | December 15, 2021

Training A Remote Workforce: Do You Need An LMS?

Training A Remote Workforce: Do You Need An LMS?

by Simple Learning System | December 15, 2021

45% of full-time employees work partly or fully remotely, according to a Gallup poll. This means that pre-pandemic approaches to training employees may no longer be effective. It can be difficult for managers and HR employees to gather the team for an in-person training when nearly half the team is working from home.

One way organizations are adapting to a remote workforce is by updating existing in-person training programs to online learning management systems (LMS).

Discover the major benefits of training your remote workforce with an LMS as you build out your 2022 training plans for your remote team.

Three Reasons to Consider an LMS for Your Remote Workforce

Reach Your Team Where They Are with an LMS

With so many people working from home through the pandemic and well into the future, your organization needs a tool capable of fitting efficiently with their new working environment.

An LMS is a simple way to make the processes around your onboarding and training programs remote-worker-friendly. It eliminates the need for dozens of disjointed new hire documents, emails scheduling classes, and other paperwork, by uniting them in one platform and streamlining the process.

Prevent Learning Burnout with an LMS

The Great Resignation has been a major topic in leadership meetings throughout the U.S. for some months now, and for good reason. In 2021, an average of 3.8 million workers quit their jobs each month, the highest resignation rate in twenty years. For these individuals leaving their companies for greener pastures, 40% cited burnout as the main reason they left their job.

Burnout is a costly issue for companies. If you’re offering online training to your employees, an LMS allows you to structure your courses to prevent burnout:

  • On-demand learning allows team members to consume course content in short, manageable doses.
  • The flexibility of on-demand course content allows for self-pacing, so that team members can learn in a way that fits their schedule.
  • Built-in social features combat the isolation of online learning.

Document Your Training Results with an LMS

Finally, an LMS helps you track and document the results of your team member’s remote training. This allows you to assess its effectiveness and inform future training plans. For example, the Simple LMS allows admins and analysts to view data on course content and how each user interacts with it. This way, you can see how exactly your team members are consuming training material.

Ready to implement a more effective training program for your remote workforce? Schedule a demo of the Simple LMS to get started.

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Simple LMS is highly versatile and can be implemented to deploy training for organizations in several different industries, including government, corporate, medical, non-profit, education, and more.

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