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What is LMS Software Used For?

by Simple Learning System | May 18, 2022

What is LMS Software Used For?

What is LMS Software Used For?

by Simple Learning System | May 18, 2022

An LMS (learning management system) is a software application creating a framework to manage all aspects of delivering learning content. It’s where your training material is housed, delivered, and tracked.

An LMS is sometimes called a training management system or learning experience platform. Sometimes a system for managing learning content (LCMS) gets confused with an LMS. The LCMS is used for writing and managing content, not for managing the learning process. The two applications complement one another.

What is LMS Software Used For?

A learning management system (LMS) is capable of delivering learning content and tracking completion.

The ultimate and most important use of an LM is to simplify the lives of those in charge of training and learning.

If you are an HR or training manager within an organization, you have a lot of components to keep track of when it comes to training, such as:

  • State and federal training requirements
  • Profession-specific training requirements
  • Individual employee training completion
  • Employee certifications
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting to management or state/ fed entities

An LMS automates much of this work. A good LMS may also help HR and training departments with  onboarding, compliance, and skills gap analyses.

What Are Companies Using LMS for?

There are many benefits to using an LMS for training purposes within your organization, such as simplification, segmentation, cost-savings, and more.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Firms with regulatory training, mandated reporting requirements, and continuing education requirements can use their LMS to simplify this process by:

  • Deliver training through the LMS
  • Customize training for each individual (role-based learning)
  • Track progress for each individual
  • Analyze data regarding employee progress and performance
  • Produce reports to management
  • Produce required recordkeeping for regulatory authorities or examiners

In other words, the LMS makes a large, burdensome regulatory duty a great deal simpler.

Reducing Training Costs

A learning management system can reduce an organization’s overall training costs. It eliminates the need for physical, in-person trainers. It also eliminates the need to send employees off to train at a training facility or other off-campus location, saving organizations travel and accommodation costs, as well.

If in-person training is a permanent part of your training protocol, an LMS can also play a useful role. Simple Learning is an LMS that lets administrators combine both online and in-person learning modalities.

Role-Based Learning

Not every employee requires the same level of training to do their job. When you use an LMS, you can execute role-based training that provides the exact curriculum your employees need for their role in your organization.

Consistent and Reliable Training

By delivering a consistent training experience, an LMS eliminates the likelihood of inconsistent training resulting from one trainer having less experience or knowledge than another. It also eliminates the chance of one trainer’s “bad day” impacting the training experience of a group of employees.

An LMS never calls in sick or needs PTO during a demanding training period; it delivers consistent content whenever you need it.

Discover how the Simple Learning LMS Can Simplify Training for You

Given the clear benefits of using an LMS, the real question becomes why you would not use one?  An LMS can reduce costs, improve training delivery, and automate your recordkeeping and reporting.  There is minimal downside to taking advantage of these LMS benefits.

To learn more about the ways an LMS can be customized for your organization’s unique needs, schedule a free demo from Simple Learning today.

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Simple LMS is highly versatile and can be implemented to deploy training for organizations in several different industries, including government, corporate, medical, non-profit, education, and more.

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