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What Makes a Good Learning Management System?

by Simple Learning System | July 12, 2023

What Makes a Good Learning Management System?

What Makes a Good Learning Management System?

by Simple Learning System | July 12, 2023

With an inbox full of projects that need addressing and a calendar packed with back-to-back meetings, the last thing a busy manager wants to do is deal with are outdated and time-consuming training programs. Having a robust Learning Management System (LMS) is essential for organizations to effectively train and manage their employees. The true measure of an LMS lies in its ability to meet specific business needs and simplify your onboarding and training procedures.

Discover 5 qualities to look for in a good LMS to ensure you find the best solution for your team.

5 Things to Look For in a Good LMS

Efficient Integration Capabilities

An LMS that integrates with other software systems can help streamline your workflows and help your training team work more efficiently. For example, a connection with calendar software facilitates the scheduling and tracking of training sessions, making it easier to manage and coordinate activities. Additionally, the ability to integrate user surveys, reviews, and feedback mechanisms into the LMS allows you to collect valuable insights from your team members that your team can use to continue to refine your training program.

User Management and Reporting

An effective LMS will provide comprehensive user management features, enabling administrators to easily add, remove, and track learner accounts. This helps make sure your team members have the appropriate access levels, allowing them to access the courses and features they need. Furthermore, detailed reporting capabilities offer insights into individual and group training progress, completion rates, and performance analytics. This data empowers your organization to assess the effectiveness of your training.

Multiple Modalities

An effective LMS should offer diverse training modalities, catering to the varying needs and preferences of learners. Whether it’s online courses, in-person workshops, or blended learning, the LMS should support and seamlessly integrate these modalities. This flexibility allows organizations to design and deliver training programs that align with their industry and the subject matter at hand to maximize engagement.

The Ability to Easily Manage Courses

Streamlining the organization and deployment of training content is a fundamental feature of a powerful LMS. A good LMS should support SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant courseware, meeting standards for the construction of online training content that allows it to be easily shared across systems. This versatility enhances the LMS’s effectiveness and ensures organizations can leverage existing courses without hassle.

A Mobile-Friendly User Experience

While many people view company training from their laptop or desktop computer, the number of people who prefer to use a mobile device is growing. On average, 25% of employees access an LMS from their mobile device, and 97% said that a tablet adoption policy contributes to learning effectiveness due to a tablet’s versatility. With a mobile-friendly LMS, users can access training materials from a variety of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, making learning more flexible and accessible. By providing a mobile-friendly LMS, organizations empower their employees to engage in training whenever and wherever they prefer, making it more convenient to fit compliance training into a busy schedule.

By choosing an LMS that encompasses the key features discussed above, your business can implement the courseware your team needs quickly and efficiently. If you’re ready to experience the power of a custom LMS that checks all the boxes, schedule a demo with Simple. Learn more.

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