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Simple LMS

Simple LMS provides a simple and effective way of deploying training across an organization, saving time and money while improving the training experience for learners, admins, trainers, and managers.

The Simple Process

Training team

Develops content in Articulate or other course authoring tool.

LMS database

Stores course package files shared by the training team.

Course player

Launches training courses and handles user-content interaction.

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Content management and delivery

Automate the process of deploying training courses through three core content delivery features: content organization, modalities (method of training), and deployment of SCORM-compliant courseware.

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User roles

Assign role types such a learner, admin, instructor/trainer, and manager and Simple LMS automatically knows which functions to dynamically display to unlock permissions to pages and functions.

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Reporting and analytics

Simple LMS continually tracks data on content and user interactions and provides metrics to admin users. Reports from collected data can be viewed on a dashboard, exported, and shared by admins with analyst roles.

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Audience-based user experience

An Audience is a specific persona within an organization. Simple LMS uses a dynamic design to cater to the needs of each person, providing a unique user experience that is relevant and personalized.

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Curriculum and certifications

Any SCORM-compliant courseware can be deployed through the LMS. Courses can be organized into categories. Certificates can be awarded for successful completion of courses, categories or exams.

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System technologies

Simple LMS technical support revolves around three core features: role-based UI/UX, content aggregation, and course deployment. Optional features and third-party tools can be added to the platform.

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Schedule a personalized demo

Simple LMS is highly versatile and can be implemented to deploy training for organizations in several different industries, including government, corporate, medical, non-profit, education, and more.

Want to see how simple learning can be? Schedule a personalized demo of Simple LMS and explore our innovative learning management system

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