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A group of adults in a training classroom raising their hands with the answer. Find out how an LMS can help with online and in-person training.

How to Deploy Online and In-Person Training with an LMS

by Simple Learning System | February 23, 2023

How to Deploy Online and In-Person Training with an LMS

How to Deploy Online and In-Person Training with an LMS

by Simple Learning System | February 23, 2023

If you deploy training to employees or volunteers within your organization, you may have heard of an LMS, or learning management system. An LMS is an online platform that helps people learn and train remotely.

These systems are used by businesses and educational institutions to offer courses and training programs to their employees or students. They’re like a virtual classroom where you can access all your course materials in one place.

So, how does it work?

How does an LMS Work?

A learning management system typically includes a variety of features such as course creation tools, progress tracking, and communication tools.

Instructors can create and upload course materials, such as videos, quizzes, and presentations, and learners can access these materials at their own pace.

An LMS also tracks learners' progress, so instructors can see how well each student is doing and provide additional support if needed. If your administrative team needs to track course completion or issue certificates for completing a training program, an LMS can be an effective tool for that, too.

Overall, a learning management system is a great way to offer flexible and effective online training that’s becoming more popular, especially as remote work continues to grow.

But what happens if you need to deploy a combination of in-person training along with virtual online training?

Can an LMS Help with In-Person Training?

Many companies have successfully transitioned to online training and have seen great results. However, some employers may still need to use in-person training programs.

For example, if your company has highly specialized equipment or processes, it may be necessary to have employees learn how to use or perform these tasks in person, under the guidance of an expert.

Additionally, if your industry has strict safety regulations, in-person training may be required to ensure that all employees are properly trained and understand the potential risks and hazards of their work.

In the healthcare field, for example, nurses and other medical professionals receive ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) training. Many times, this training is deployed in person for a hands-on learning experience.

Another reason why some employers may choose in-person training is to help foster a sense of community and team-building. When employees train together in person, they create opportunities to build relationships, which can lead to better collaboration and communication on the job. This can be especially important for new hires or employees who are working in a highly collaborative environment.

Combining Online and In-Person Training with an LMS

If your business model could benefit from a combination of online training and in-person training modalities, an LMS could be the perfect solution.

But not all LMS platforms provide the ability to offer training across various modalities.

At Simple, we can build a custom LMS solution that allows you to embrace both training methods, just like we did for the District of Columbia.

Case study: deploying multiple training modalities within one LMS

Simple helped the District of Columbia Department of Healthcare Finance (DHCF) with their District of Columbia Access System (DCAS), an internal portal for caseworkers.

Simple helped DHCF innovate its caseworker training system with a custom and easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) that deployed both online and in-person training modalities to employees.

Simple created a custom Learning Management System with the following capabilities:

  • Role-based learning paths for different employee types
  • Ability for trainers to upload and manage training courses.
  • Integrate seamlessly into existing sites, including single-sign-on capabilities and customized user interface for a seamless user experience between the portal site, learning management system, and a knowledge-base management system.
  • Provide analytics on use and performance improvement recommendations.
  • Deliver SCORM 1.2 compliant courseware.
  • Provide simple administrative access for updating new and existing courses, updating new and existing user roles, and creating and viewing reports.
  • Allowed admins and trainers to organize and deploy both online and in-person training modalities.

Because DCAS needed multiple training modalities, Simple LMS was able to integrate a custom solution that allowed admins to schedule in-person trainings, trainers to upload content, and both to track user completion.

Deploy Training In Person and Online with Simple

When you need to provide training courses online and in person, the right LMS solution will make training streamlined and easy. Instead of worrying about having two different training solutions, bring all of your training courses and instructors together into one unified system with a custom LMS solution by Simple.

Contact us today to find out how Simple can make online and in-person training easier for your organization.

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